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   HARE     RAM    HARE    RAM      RAM    RAM   HARE    HARE”

From last five year we are celebrating  Lord Jagnnath Rath yatra at Bhatkot Chuakhutiya Uttarakhand. Chaukhutiya is very near to all the four Dham badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and YamnotriBadrinath is very near to Chaukhutiya only 210 KM. This place( Chaukhutiya) is like a small valley and Ram ganga river is flowing in this place. Dunagiri temple is 25 KM far from Chaukhutiya.This is the temple based on Dronachal Mountain later local people called this mountain Dunagiri.This is the temple which is lifted by Hanuman, when  he was sent to bring Sanjivani Booti.

Almora is 95 KM far from chaukhutiya. There are many other great temple and places are visits to see just like Jageshwer, Bageshwer and Patal Bhuvneshwer in Uttarakhand.


There is two ways to reach Chaukhutiya.

By Train:

Delhi to Ramnagar then take a lockal bus for Chaukhutiya(Ganai) or taxi

Delhi To Haldwani Station then take a bus or car for Ranikheat 80 Km then from Ranikhet to Chaukhutiya 50KM

By Bus:

Direct Delhi To Chaukhutiya (Ganai).

Delhi To Haldwani.then take a bus or local car or taxi for Ranikhet 80 KM then from there Ranikhet to Chaukhutiya 50 KM

Distance :

Ramnagar to Chaukhutiya: 110 KM

Haldwani To Chaukhutiya: 130 KM


We celebrate 5th rathyatra at Bhatkot near Chaukhutiya in Uttarakhand on 4 september. Many devotees came from different parts of india to celebrate Jagannath rathyatra.Now we got some land for lord jagannath temple. so i humble request to all the devotees and friends please contribute for Lord Jagannath temple according to your faith and pocket. Some devotees are ready to give 50 bags of cement, Some ready to give 1000 bricks etc so you can also do some contribution for making Lord Jagannath temple.

Hari Bol